redefining student community service

A Community Service Ecosystem that is impactful, meaningful and significant

Solution for students & parents
  • Paperless, secure cloud-based platform
  • Discover local nonprofits
  • Electronic signatures
  • 24/7 access
  • Scholarship information & more
Solution for counselors & schools
  • Paperless, secure cloud-based platform
  • Measurable – Track & manage student data
  • Equitable – Accessible for every student
  • Simple & quick implementation
  • Customizable for Florida Bright Futures & other state scholarship programs
Solution for nonprofits & communities
  • Paperless, secure cloud-based platform
  • Promote volunteer needs & events
  • Eliminate phone calls & emails
  • Develop advocates & future leaders
  • Easily reach & message entire communities

Community Service Ecosystem

Seamlessly integrating students & parents, counselors & schools, nonprofits & communities, the Profferfish model changes student community service from a reactive process to a proactive journey that saves everyone involved millions of hours and dollars.

Look Outside Your Fishbowl

Easily discover nonprofits and service opportunities while building your portfolio for clubs, college acceptance, scholarships, job applications, and much more!

Avoid the Sharks

No more “shark ate my homework” . From a personalized dashboard to electronic signatures, Profferfish eliminates paperwork and provides 24/7 access to all your community service information.

Free Fish Food

Scholarships, scholarships, scholarships! Rather it’s Florida Bright Futures or one of the many other state or local opportunities, Profferfish keeps you informed and how to reel them in.

Stop Swimming in Circles

Profferfish saves significant time, eliminates the headaches, and maximizes your child’s service learning experience and portfolio building.

Keep Your Fish Out of the Nets

The Profferfish hook provides all the “reel time” information and tools you need 24/7 to navigate and organize your child’s experiences.

No Poison Jellyfish

Profferfish is a secure platform and your child’s personal information will never be shared with anyone but the appropriate counselors and school administrators.

No Pond is Too Big or Small

Rather you’re a large school district or a small individual school, Profferfish simplifies the service learning process through a customizable cloud-based platform; allowing you to easily manage, maintain, and facilitate student community service.

Guide Your School of Fish

Replace mounds of paperwork and thousands of wasted hours in a few clicks. From approvals to analytics, entire schools of fish can easily be guided through the ocean of processes and details.

Streamline Service Learning

From facilitating and encouraging service learning, Profferfish provides a platform for students to discover their passions and develop into the next generation of leaders.

Make a Splash

Dramatically simplify your engagement with student volunteers and their parents by eliminating the overwhelming phone calls, emails, and paperwork.

Grow Your Pond

Catch a bunch of fish in one net and significantly increase visibility through an efficient and seamless process to communicate your message and share specific service opportunities to thousands of students and parents in your community.

Scale Up

Provide students the opportunity to discover their passions and develop new volunteers, future leaders, and life-long supporters of your cause.

Frequently Asked Questions

How do I sign up?

How do I sign up?

Super easy! Submit your school or school district information and Profferfish will follow up with a demonstration and all the details to start fishing.

Is it affordable?

Is it affordable?

Absolutely! The Profferfish model has been developed so every student and school has the opportunity to swim along.

How is it customizable?

How is it customizable?

Pick your pond and bait your own hook! Profferfish provides each student, school, and school district a personalized dashboard with unique content. And yes, it’s customizable for Florida Bright Futures!